If you are a union affiliated boilermaker contractor operating in New York City, we encourage your firm to consider membership in the Boilermakers Association of Greater New York (BAGNY).

BAGNY is an association of some of the largest and most well-established boilermakers in the greater New York area. You can learn more about our members here.

All of our members are signed to the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers AFL-CIO, Lodge No. 5, Zone 5 (Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 5).


BAGNY Brings Value

BAGNY has offices in Downtown Brooklyn and retains attorneys specializing in the practice of labor law in the construction industry, as well as a staff to serve the needs of its members. The office is available to respond to questions and concerns on a variety of matters.

Here is an overview of the Association’s activities and membership values:


Membership in a strong association such as BAGNY can offer your firm a voice in the dialogue to promote and strengthen our industry.

You can complete the Membership Application in one of two ways:

  1. Complete the Online Application
  2. Download and email your completed application to:

Sylvie Straus-Figueroa, Esq.

BAGNY Managing Director, Secretary and Counsel


QUESTIONS? Reach out to Sylvie Straus-Figueroa, Esq.
by phone (718) 624-2200 or email at Sylvie@rothberglawfirm.com.