• 1. Workforce Investment

    Every dollar spent utilizing our skills and technology translates into dollars saved. The construction investment is not only in efficiency and performance outcomes, but also in investing in a workforce that is well trained, highly skilled, safety conscious and proficient at meeting the demands and schedules of every project. Our work fuels energy conservation as well as a stronger middle class.

  • 2. Maintenance and Upgrades Increase Energy Efficiency

    Growth in the energy sector will be driven by the need to maintain and upgrade, rather than replace, aging power sources that are unable to meet new demands. Replacing components such as boiler tubes, heating elements and ductwork is an ongoing process that will continue to stimulate demand for boilermakers.

  • 3. New Power Facility Installations Require Highly Trained Contractors

    BAGNY contractors are the best in the business. They understand the complex art and science of boiler and power plant mechanics and bring a trained workforce who meet the highest standards of code requirements, certifications and technology.

Meeting the Industry’s Energy Demands Supporting Power, Preserving Resources

Boilermakers Association of Greater New York (BAGNY) was established in 1995. BAGNY includes a select group of union contractors expert in all areas of complex boiler fabrication, erection, repair, maintenance and upgrades. Each contractor brings extensive experience in their professional area, based on decades of industry experience.

BAGNY is an important resource for energy and power in New York and the surrounding region, working collaboratively with contractors, owners and City and State government agencies to maximize power for the region and to renovate existing power facilities for increased power supply. Using the most efficient energy sources, we encourage the use of the best air-cleaning, pollution-control equipment available and continually advocate upgrading existing power facilities so energy is delivered more efficiently.

Today’s Boilermakers are in Demand

As the cost of energy rises, the need for implementing energy efficient technology and Infrastructure becomes greater. Our skills and innovation are critical to maintaining New York’s growth in the fast-changing energy market.

Current focus on clean energy and climate control is expected to lead to the construction of many new clean¬ burning coal power plants, leading to an increased demand for boilermakers. The law, designed to promote conservation and use of cleaner technologies in energy production through tax credits and higher efficiency standards, is expected to positively affect the industry. Installation of new boilers and pressure vessels, air pollution equipment such as scrubbers, baghousers, selective catalytic reductors, blast furnaces, water treatment plants, storage and process tanks and stacks and liners, will further drive growth of an industry that continues to change and respond as the region’s energy demands increase.

The members of Boilermakers Association of Greater New York can fulfill this need, with its skillfully trained, well-established contractor members who understand the changing power needs of New York and the surrounding region and who offer attainable solutions to New York’s power requirements.