Boilermakers Association of Greater New York (BAGNY) is the region’s premier Association of union boilermaker contractors. We fabricate, erect, repair, maintain and upgrade services for power sources, primarily electric power-producing facilities, including nuclear sites, hydro dams, utilities and industrial boilers.


We Build for the Future

Our contractors bring experience, expertise and sophisticated understanding of power and heating, design and installation to the demands of modern industrial, manufacturing, institutional and power facilities. We are experienced and trained professional with a legacy evolving from industrial blacksmithing in the early nineteenth century to meet today’s new power demands and sustainable energy goals in all types of facilities and operational settings.


We Understand Power and Sustainability

We are power advocates. Our Association informs local and regional government agencies and authorities on power issues, particularly pollution and energy inefficiency challenges created by outdated technology within New York’s existing power facilities.


Trained and Experienced Contractors

Our contractors are trained in all forms of energy – nuclear power, coal and oil, co-generation, fossil fuels and coal gasification. Our contractors provide critical upgrades to environmentally inefficient and outdated power sources to increase energy output to support new and growing demands. We offer a depth of work not usual to the construction industry.


A Regional Network Ready to Serve Your Power Needs

We have worked to standardize boilermaker certification, ensuring our workforce maintains the highest standard of safety and knowledge. As part of our service, we have built a network of boilermakers certified to work in any city or state, wherever the need arises.


You will find us working on many of New York’s most complex Power and Energy Projects.