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What Is Energy?  
Energy comes in many forms – from natural to man-made, from liquid form to gaseous – but at its core, energy is what powers our homes and workplaces, our cities and nation.  Without energy and all it enables, our modern society would simply cease to function.

Our Industry is Vital to the Future of Our Communities, Our City and Our Nation

Who Are We?  

Boilermakers build, maintain and upgrade power facilities.  From the base foundation to smokestacks, boilermakers are the integral workforce that helps us create energy.

Why Are We Vital to New York? 
Most people never consider the source of energy or the people that create and power them.  However, without our industry, the basic energy sources that we take for granted would not be possible.  We could not cool our homes in the summer, cook a hot meal at the end of the day, light a darkened room or power the tools we need each and every day.

As New York grows, so does its energy needs.  What New York needs is clean, reliable energy and the ability to deliver it today and for generations to come.

Providing Support for a Critical Resource. 

New York’s existing power sources cannot continue to support our ever-growing energy needs and provide protection for our environment.  Consider the future of technology – in a few years years, we will have access to affordable electric cars.  How will New York keep up with the new energy demand this product is sure to generate?  These challenges must be addressed today.  Our contractors can provide critical upgrades to environmentally inefficient and outdated power sources to increase the energy output in tandem with the evolution of technology.

Innovative Solutions for New York’s Power Needs. 
The energy sources we rely on will inevitably diversify and change; to ensure that our industry remains at the forefront of innovation, our boilermakers receive comprehensive apprentice training and on-the-job coursework to provide them with the knowledge to adapt to a variety of new energy technologies.  Our skilled and trained workforce is able to achieve efficiency and economic growth in New York’s most complex power plant construction projects.

Our Work.   
The members of the Boilermakers Association of Greater New York, BAGNY, are union contractors who are involved in the fabrication, erection, repair and maintenance services for power sources, primarily electric power-producing facilities including nuclear sites, hydro dams, utilities and industrial boilers.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet every energy crisis and every energy need in the city and state.  We are trained in all forms of energy – nuclear power, coal and oil, co-generation, fossil fuels and the gasification of coal – and offer a depth of work not usually seen in the industry.

Boilermakers contribute to a wide-range of projects, including:

  • Iron and Steel production plants
  • Metal fabricating shops
  • Rail transport shops
  • Petroleum, oil, bio-fuel and gas plants
  • Cement plants
  • Pulp & paper plants
  • Ship building & maintenance facilities
  • Naval bases
  • Mining industry sites
About the Boilermakers Association of Greater New York
The Boilermakers Association of Greater New York is the City’s premier Association of union boilermaker contractors.  The Association works to inform local and regional government agencies and authorities on power issues, particularly pollution and energy inefficiency problems caused by outdated technology within New York’s existing power facilities.  We have worked to standardize boilermaker certification, ensuring our workforce maintains the highest standard of safety and knowledge - and have built a national database of certification so boilermakers can work in any city or state, wherever the need arises.

Power Innovation
The Boilermakers Industry of New York is the leading resource for energy and power issues in New York and the surrounding region, working collaboratively with contractors, owners and City and State government agencies to maximize power for the region and to renovate existing power facilities for increased power supply utilizing the most efficient energy sources.  We encourage the use of the best air-cleaning, pollution-control equipment available and continually lobby to encourage the upgrade of existing power facilities so energy is delivered cleaner and quicker.
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