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Our members have completed the construction of numerous critical infrastructure and power generation projects throughout the region.  These projects include:
  • The New York Power Authority “POWER NOW” Program
    This project includes construction of 12 new single-cycle generators located throughout the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island, adding 550 Mega Watts of power to the grid.  These power sources played an important role on September 11, 2001.
  • Keyspan Ravenswood Co-Generation Facility
    The construction of this facility added 300 Mega Watts of clean and efficient energy for use in New York City.
  • Con Edison -  East River Re-Powering Project
    This project resulted in 265 Mega Watts of co-generation power in addition to steam for use in heating and cooling in Manhattan.
  • New York Power Authority - Astoria Number 7 Co-Generation Facility
    Boilermakers contributed to the addition of 500 Mega Watts of clean and efficient energy to this facility.
  • Astoria Power, LLC Co-Generation Project
    Located in the Astoria load pocket, our actions added 500 Mega Watts to their system.
  • Caithness Long Island Energy Center
    When completed, 300 Mega Watts will be added to help the Long Island Power Authority to meet its growing demand.
  • Con Edison, National Grid (Keyspan Energy, NRG and Mirant)
    Boilermakers are contributing to the ongoing growth of New York’s key energy producers by maximizing power for the region and renovating existing power facilities for increased power supply.
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