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New York’s Boilermakers Are In Demand
Boilermakers are in demand.  As the cost of energy rises, the need for implementing energy efficient technology and infrastructure becomes greater.  Our skills and innovation are critical to maintaining New York’s growth. 

Invest in the Local Workforce and American Technology
Every dollar spent utilizing our skills and technology will translate into dollars saved. When you call upon the members of the Boilermakers Association of Greater New York, you are investing in a workforce that is well trained, highly skilled, safety conscious and proficient at meeting the demands and schedules of your industry.

Upgrading Current Facilities
Growth will be driven by the need to maintain and upgrade, rather than replace the many existing power sources that are aging and becoming inefficient, and to meet the populationís rising demand for electric power. Replacing components such as boiler tubes, heating elements and ductwork is an ongoing process that will continue to stimulate demand for boilermakers. To meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act, many utility companies will be required to upgrade their boiler systems in the coming years.

According to the United States Department of Labor:

Clean Energy=Demand for Boilermakers
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 is expected to lead to the construction of many new clean-burning coal power plants, leading to demand for boilermakers. The law, designed to promote conservation and use of cleaner technologies in energy production through tax credits and higher efficiency standards, is expected to positively affect the occupation and the energy industry throughout the 2006-2016 projection period.

Installation of new boilers and pressure vessels, air pollution equipment such as scrubbers, baghousers, selective catalytic reductors, and blast furnaces, water treatment plants, storage and process tanks, and stacks and liners, will further drive growth of boilermakers.          

Fulfilling Demand for New Energy

The members of the Boilermakers Association of Greater New York can fulfill this need, with its skillfully trained, well-established contractor members who understand the changing power needs of New York and the surrounding region and who offer obtainable solutions to New York’s power requirements.


Think About. . .  Your Future: Support New Power Plants

As many New Yorkers know, a hot summer may cause brownouts and possibly blackouts for New York and the surrounding region.  In addition, the growth of new neighborhoods, like Lower Manhattan, will put additional strain on already taxed power and energy resources.  In fact, it is projected New York City’s population will exceed nine million by 2030.   While we support conservation, our industry understands that our resources will soon be depleted if we do not begin retrofitting existing power plants to increase output and build new power plants in the region today. 

Think About . . . Being Smart Year-Round

It’s not enough to think about energy and energy costs in the winter as the heating season begins, but the City and State should be urged to construct necessary power and energy sources needed in New York, Long Island and the surrounding region. 

Think About . . . Sustainability
It’s still not enough to support new power plant. We must consider what will happen as our power sources age.  Renovation of existing power facilities is a key opportunity for increased power supply utilizing sustainable energy sources.
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